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19,230 руб.
Ideal for organization of the bath in suburban trips to nature with a small company. Tent sauna Mobiba MB-10A is the most lightweight and compact (when folded) sauna in the Mobiba lineup. When using the bench  two or three people can comfortably accomodate in it. But operational practice est..
15,240 руб.
At home or in the country, hunting or fishing - Mobiba will help arrange temporary housing or sauna. Tent sauna Mobiba MB-103 M is a single-layer mobile sauna, which serves as a temporary housing or a sauna at any time of the year. The tent is very easy to install and quickly to preheat, that all..
33,300 руб.
Sauna and dwelling for the three people in one tent. Tent sauna Mobiba MB-104 M is a versatil single-layer tent that can be used both as a sauna and a dwelling. In contrast to the low-end models, this tent has a spacious portal, where you can put a table and chairs. When using the tent as a dwell..
42,240 руб.
Tent sauna Mobiba MB-332 is a professional two-layer tent that can be used as a sauna or a tent for sleep. This model worked well among fishermen, hunters and military, thanks to two layers allowing using it year round. It is ideal for use in warm and winter time at temperatures down to -30-40 degre..
60,330 руб.
Double layer tent for all year round living. Tent sauna Mobiba MB-442 M2 is a versatile, two-layer, heated tent designed for use as temporary housing and sauna. The model can be used year-round, it will perfectly show itself both in warm and winter time, at temperatures up to -30-40 degrees. That..
82,880 руб.
Temporary housing in the field camps during the cold season. Tent sauna Mobiba MB-552 M2 is a two-function professional product, the perfect solution for outdoor activities, fishing, hunting. The tent is designed for year-round use. It has perfectly showed itself during a warm and winter time at ..
88,540 руб.
Tent sauna Mobiba MB-22 is a two-layer mobile sauna for year round use. The model belongs to the class of professional mobile saunas with reinforced frame. It is made of tubes with a diameter of 16 mm with outer steel adapters. This is probably the most durable tent of all products that are produced..
36,900 руб.
Second layer for Mobiba MB-10 - a solution from Mobiba, which allows a single layer of mobile baths MB-10A to obtain a two-layer bath with a waiting room. Double layer tent will allow even better warm bath and retain heat longer. Also, the tent allows you to use it in the winter at a temperature bel..
12,750 руб.
Second layer for Mobiba MB-103M. Turns summer tent into winter one. It allows successful usage of the tent as a sauna at a temperature as low as minus 15 degrees. Together with Sogra stove (optionally), you will get a small tent with a portal for winter expeditions. ..
14,970 руб.
Second layer for Mobiba MB-104 is a solution from Mobiba company allowing making a two-layer tent sauna with improved heat transfer characteristics of a single-layer baths MB-104 in a few minutes. After installation, the top layer is placed on top of the main tent. It is raised during the stove use ..
18,980 руб.
Мобиба МБ-10 "Аквариум-1" ..
18,710 руб.
Мобильная баня Мобиба МБ-10 "Аквариум-2" ..
22,170 руб.
Экспедиционная отапливаемая всепогодная палатка Роснар Р-63 предназначена для оснащения базовых лагерей длительного проживания в полевых условиях. Рекомендуется для экипировки подразделений Российской Армии, МЧС, различных изыскательских геологоразведочных, археологических и научных организаций. Это..
118,290 руб.
Зимняя палатка с вшитым полом. Ничего лишнего. Мобиба Р-34 - это двухслойная зимняя отапливаемая палатка, с двускатной крышей, вместимостью до 6 человек, предназначенная для проживания в любых погодных условиях. Особенность данного изделия заключается в его большом жилом объёме, при небольшом ве..
64,540 руб.
Rosnar R-75 Expeditionary heated winter tent Rosnar R-75 is designed to equip the base camps a long stay in the field. Recommended for gear units of the Russian Army, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, various exploration geological, archaeological and scientific organizations. This product ..
168,740 руб.
Campstove Mediana 4 from the Mobiba company is specifically designed for use in tent saunas and mobile bases. The stove can be used for a sauna by putting stones on its top surface. Or simply as an stove for heating or cooking on the upper surface. Mediana 4 is a new version of the Mediana 3 stov..
12,400 руб.
This stove falls in a class of mobile stoves of active burning. Its feature is that it has built-in steam generating unit, and with small dimensions and weight, has a high thermal capacity and efficiency. Steam generating module is a 2-stage system of the steam generator and superheater. Wet ste..
10,250 руб.
Parobomba (Steambomb) is called so because of its incredible power!  A feature of this oven is the bulk furnace equipped with grate. As a result, the steam generating unit produces steam with a temperature up to 612 degrees Celsius!  Steam generating module is a 2-stage system of the st..
17,600 руб.
Sogra 2 Stove is designed for heating cottages, huts, garages and expedition tents. It can also be used as a heating and cooking stove. Lightweight firebox body and convector are made of heat-resistant stainless steel sheet. Special faceted shape add increased rigiditycto the construction. The..
11,900 руб.
Long burning stove Dune. ..
9,500 руб.
Hot water tank Tank makes it possible to heat the water during stove preheating. Hot water is always needed, for example, to pour it on stones or for the nice wash in field conditions. This model of the tank is designed for Sogra, Parobomba (Steambomb), Gravitsapa. Its capacity is 12 liters. The..
2,500 руб.
Water tank for Mediana BN-13 for hot water. The tank is installed in the gap of the furnace chimney segments. Concerning seemingly small volume (13 liters), tank, however, is able to give quite a decent amount of hot water. The fact is that the tank heats the water very quickly, and there's no ne..
4,150 руб. 3,200 руб.
Представляет собой специальное устройство, генерирующее из воды в струе газопла-менного потока печной трубы водяной пар с температурой до 500 градусов Цельсия. Применение парофона позволяет получить благоприятный паровой фон внутри Мобильной бани, увеличить комфорт банных процедур, заблокировать жёс..
4,200 руб.
The name Parofon means "Steam Background". This nozzle is used to create steam background in tent sauna. The product resembles the appearance of a water tank, but actually has a complex internal structure. Converter tank is hanging inside the flame stream. The steam enters the heat exchanger pipe, w..
5,200 руб.
Suspended steam generator with an increased supply of water. The eldest and most powerful model in the lineup of steam generators from the Mobiba company. Hot water capacity increased up to 16 liters and the availability of the faucet for its draining differs this model from "younger" models Parofon..
7,500 руб.
Folding bench PS-350, through the use of special materials and special design allows getting a good margin of safety taking into account the minimal weight. It is made in the form of a book, can be easily assembled/disassembled, when assembled it occupies minimum volume. Outer support, power stre..
6,800 руб.
Single Person Folding Bench PS-2 combines large and small bathing bench in a single product.  The height of the top shelf above the floor - 870 mm. Lower shelf - 450 mm. Width 800 mm.  It can be used as a bench with good back support. When folded - 800x580x105 mm with a weight of 12.7 k..
6,800 руб.
Folding bed KS-350  designed to be used as a full bed. Constructive power scheme of KS-350, as well as of the benches PS-700 and PS-350, is designed as a "book" with powerful force braces on steel cables. Dimensions of the KS-350 surface in unfolded state are 190x65 cm, that allows comfort..
7,200 руб.
Folding bench PS-700, due to the use of special materials and special design allows getting a good margin of durability at a minimal weight. It is made in the form of a book, is easily assembled/disassembled, and occupies minimum space when assembled. Outer support, power stretchings on ropes, sp..
6,800 руб.
6,400 руб.
6,400 руб.
Stove bag is designed for the transportation of the stove, which is used with Mobiba tent saunas. With this bag you can easily carry the stove on a long distance. The model is equipped with a lock and comfortable handles. Stove body will be protected from damage and scratches in this bag. Bag is mad..
1,170 руб.
Bag for a foldable bag is an improved model and increases the convenience of transportation of the product. Designed for folded benches PS-700 and PS-350. The bag has straps for the hands and shoulder strap, it is sewn of a special durable material that protects benches from external factors. ..
1,170 руб.
Additional segment of the chimney for the stoves Sogra and Mediana. ..
360 руб.
The deflector is designed to protect the chimney from rain. ..
370 руб.
Deflector for the stoves Sogra and Dune provides a natural draft due to the wind pressure of the air creating a low pressure in the chimney area. At low combustion of the stove, the deflector prevents the effect of "draft tipping". It also protects the chimney from rainfall. ..
370 руб.
45-degrees joint for Median and Sogra stoves. ..
760 руб.
Adaptor 90 mm to 90 mm. It is necessary for the use of the water tank for Mediana stove with Sogra stove. ..
380 руб.
PVC floor for a tent sauna Mobiba MB-104 is a flooring made of thick PVC material that provides insulation of the products and makes bathing more comfortable. It is reasonable to use the flooring during the cold season: late autumn, winter or early spring. Features: The edges of the floor are ..
5,880 руб.